Sunday, January 17, 2016

Just Us Two

My soul sojourns the winds with solemn promise; Heavenly Father, let me not simply move throughout the Earth but Catch me upon the heart of another. The one who will love forever, The one I love forever, for We are and We are not.

Can the winds, that were once only a whispering breath, carry us both toward that same sacred place? I searched for her during hours of darkness. My laying downs and risings do not hold her; Only in that time of inbetweens, those two, do dreams of her.

When, in times that I, with longing soul shed tears, know not my heart's own comforts, she comes, she knows my heart's own comfort beats within her chest. Her heart within my own  seeks the shore where just the two of us. Like the winds that shape the mountains; How long before the shape of just the two of us? My love inhabits the tides of her timings like that of the ocean with the moon; as the spawning salmon must; as winter takes the bear.

When will be the spring, that I could sleep through this winter. The season of scarcity, buried, awaiting, longing for the sun, So that no time would I know, until just the two of us. The Lord of Hosts, this side of Heaven's glory, knows the plans He plans for just the two of us. I ask could sleeping dreams reveal what meanings must be known? No, my child, I hear Him gently saying, what must be known, must be known awake and shared.
By Just the two of Us

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